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21174183Reynel Alexander Chaparro

LGBTQ+ Affirmative Psychological Interventions: A Latine/x Perspective

2024pdf4/24/2024 3:25:15 AMstirkout
21174150Richard S. Shortt

Lethal Force and New Zealand Police: The History, Law, Practice and Reality of Lethal Force Use by a Well-Armed and Capable National Police Service

2024pdf4/24/2024 3:23:13 AMstirkout
21174082Gabriele Abbondanza

Italy and Australia: Redefining Bilateral Relations for the Twenty-First Century

2024pdf4/24/2024 3:18:44 AMstirkout
21174041Emanuel Quashie

Stakeholders of Terrorism and the Caribbean: A Short Case Study

2024pdf4/24/2024 3:16:13 AMstirkout
21174021Jordan Butcher

Navigating Term Limits: The Careers of State Legislators

2024pdf4/24/2024 3:14:59 AMstirkout
21174011Alessandra Jerolleman

People or Property: Legal Contradictions, Climate Resettlement, and the View from Shifting Ground (Environmental Politics and Theory)

2024pdf4/24/2024 3:14:20 AMstirkout
21174005Aimee L. Franklin

Introduction to Governance, Government and Public Administration

2024pdf4/24/2024 3:13:42 AMstirkout
211738723Bina Sengar

Indigenous Societies in the Post-colonial World: Responses and Resilience Through Global Perspectives

2024pdf4/23/2024 6:17:32 PMalex21s
211738627Xiang Ji

Liangzhu s Story of Stone: Engineering and Tools (Liangzhu Civilization)

2024pdf4/23/2024 6:17:06 PMalex21s
21173777Miguel Dantas da Cruz

Petitioning in the Atlantic World, c. 1500 1840: Empires, Revolutions and Social Movements

2024pdf4/23/2024 6:13:24 PMalex21s
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