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211732845Rohit Anand, Abhinav Juneja

Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Advanced Distributed Systems

2024pdf4/23/2024 8:18:15 AMrubybook
211700369John A, Satheesh Abimannan

Spatiotemporal Data Analytics and Modeling: Techniques and Applications (Big Data Management)

2024pdf4/21/2024 5:54:58 AMrubybook
211697962Anil Kumar Dubey, Vikash Yadav

Computational Intelligence in the Industry 4.0 (Intelligent Data-Driven Systems and Artificial Intelligence)

2024pdf4/20/2024 4:04:30 PMrubybook
211697849Lavanya Sharma, Pradeep Kumar Garg

Deep Learning in Internet of Things for Next Generation Healthcare

2024pdf4/20/2024 2:35:43 PMrubybook
2114830107by Sachi Nandan Mohanty, Preethi Nanjundan, Tejaswini Kar

Artificial Intelligence in Forecasting: Tools and Techniques

2024pdf4/7/2024 12:32:12 AMrubybook
211479881Raul Sidnei Wazlawick

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design for Information Systems: Modeling with BPMN, OCL, IFML, and Python, 2nd Edition

2024pdf4/6/2024 9:25:36 AMrubybook
211474758Tony Bourke

Server Load Balancing

2001pdf4/5/2024 11:10:17 PMrubybook
211451077L. Dostalek, A. Kabelova

Dns in Action: A Detailed And Practical Guide to Dns Implementation, Configuration, And Administration

2006pdf4/4/2024 9:48:59 PMrubybook
211450075Mykyta Chernenko

The Rational Software Engineer: Strategies for a Fulfilling Career in Tech

2024pdf4/4/2024 4:06:33 PMrisotor
211450778Andres Ibanez Kautsch

Modern Concurrency on Apple Platforms: Using async/await with Swift

2024pdf4/4/2024 4:04:34 PMrisotor
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