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21172690Romola Adeola

National Protection of Internally Displaced Persons in Africa: Beyond the rhetoric (Sustainable Development Goals Series)

2024pdf4/22/2024 7:46:02 PMrisotor
21172670Mohamed Fawzy Ramadan

Pheno-phospholipids and Lipo-phenolics: Novel Structured Antioxidants

2024pdf4/22/2024 7:44:53 PMrisotor
21172620Luise Li Langergaard

Learning about Social Entrepreneurship and Management in Times of Social Transformation (Ethical Economy, 66)

2024pdf4/22/2024 7:41:57 PMrisotor
21172485Ennis Gundogan

Robotic Process Automation in Desktop Publishing: An Introduction to Software-based Automation of Artwork Processes (essentials)

2024pdf4/22/2024 7:33:11 PMrisotor
211719228Deirdre Raftery

Irish Nuns and Education in the Anglophone World: A Transnational History (Global Histories of Education)

2024pdf4/21/2024 2:59:18 PMstirkout
211719130Yusuf Ikbal Oldac

Student Agency and Self-Formation in Higher Education (Palgrave Studies in Global Higher Education)

2024pdf4/21/2024 2:58:42 PMstirkout
21171866Karin Bijsterveld

Interdisciplinarity in the Scholarly Life Cycle: Learning by Example in Humanities and Social Science Research

2024pdf4/21/2024 2:55:42 PMstirkout
21171845Annika Norlund Shaswar

Literacies in the Age of Mobility: Literacy Practices of Adult and Adolescent Migrants

2024pdf4/21/2024 2:54:30 PMstirkout
211718016Diane Montgomery

Sooner, Faster, Better Reading for All

2024pdf4/21/2024 2:52:05 PMstirkout
21171795Martha London

Millie Bobby Brown (Influential People)

2024pdf4/21/2024 2:51:29 PMstirkout
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