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212717234Philip Ochman

The Process of Decision Making in Chess: Volume 2 - Goals and Plans

2024epub7/20/2024 2:18:40 AMstirkout
2107958338Neil McDonald McDonald

Chess: The Art of Logical Thinking: From the First Move to the Last

2013pdf3/8/2024 5:55:20 AMeternal
2107775349Jeff Coakley

Winning Chess Puzzles For Kids Volume 2

2010pdf3/6/2024 8:59:13 AMeternal
2060599411David I Rudel

Bxh7: Master both sides of chess' most useful piece sacrifice in 5 easy lessons and 116 exercises

2021pdf2/26/2024 4:55:31 AMeternal
2097773305Gino Di Felice

Chess Results, 1986-1988: A Comprehensive Record with 843 Tournament Crosstables and 130 Match Scores, with Sources (The Chess Results)

2024pdf1/17/2024 1:44:38 AMalex21s
2097303311Gino Di Felice

Chess Results, 1981-1985: A Comprehensive Record with 1,508 Tournament Crosstables and 205 Match Scores, with Sources

2024pdf1/16/2024 2:45:40 AMstirkout
2094045634Lude?k Pachman

Chess endings for the practical player

2024pdf1/7/2024 3:45:16 AMtopron
20775511339John Nunn

The Chess Endgame Exercise Book

2021epub9/10/2023 8:05:58 PMrisotor
20613882759Rolf Wetzell

Chess Any Age

2021pdf7/20/2023 5:34:43 PMeternal
20484562779no autor

Turning Advantage into Victory in Chess: Algebraic Notation (McKay Chess Library)

2021pdf2/2/2023 3:43:19 AMgestalt
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