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21259691Norman Polmar

World Combat Aircraft Directory

1976pdf7/12/2024 4:44:06 PMMaterialistic
21259681Rodney A.Burden, M.Draper, D.Rough, C.Smith, D.Wilton

Falklands: The Air War

1987pdf7/12/2024 4:21:07 PMMaterialistic
21259673Simon Foster

Okinawa 1945: Final Assault on the Empire

1996pdf7/12/2024 3:58:20 PMMaterialistic
212596611Kenneth D. Mertel

Year of the Horse: Vietnam 1st Air Cavalry in the Highlands 1965-1967

1997pdf7/12/2024 3:42:32 PMMaterialistic
212588548Paul H. Silverstone

US Warships Since 1945

1987pdf7/11/2024 3:58:02 PMMaterialistic
212572486James S. Corum

The Roots of Blitzkrieg: Hans von Seeckt and German Military Reform

1992pdf7/10/2024 7:45:58 AMMaterialistic
212572389Bill Simpson

Spitfire Dive-Bombers Versus the V2: Fighter Command's Battle with Hitler's Mobile Missiles.

2007pdf7/10/2024 7:39:52 AMMaterialistic
212566454Willi Reschke

Jagdgeschwader 301/302 'Wilde Sau'

1998pdf7/9/2024 4:08:19 PMMaterialistic
212566358Philip Trewhitt, Chris McNab

Fighting Vehicles of the World: Over 600 Tanks and AFVs

2004pdf7/9/2024 4:01:56 PMMaterialistic
212566249Robert C. Stern

Big Gun Battles: Warship Duels of the Second World War.

2015pdf7/9/2024 3:54:20 PMMaterialistic
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