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21171090Joel Hawkes

Mary Butts: Necessary Contradictions and Feminist Reconstructions

2024pdf4/21/2024 3:03:45 AMtopron
21171010Alan Schenk

Detroit's Wayne State University Law School: Future Leaders in the Legal Community (Great Lakes Books)

2024epub4/21/2024 2:58:33 AMtopron
21170974Farhaan Wali

Hizb ut-Tahrir in Britain: A Historical Account of the Rise and Fall of an Islamist Group (Palgrave Series in Islamic Theology, Law, and History)

2024pdf4/21/2024 1:47:08 AMrisotor
21170965Adrien Nginamau Ngudiankama

Kimbanguism 100 Years On: Interdisciplinary Essays on a Socio-Cultural Movement (African Histories and Modernities)

2024pdf4/21/2024 1:45:54 AMrisotor
211709512Toby Ord

The Precipice: A book that seems made for the present moment New Yorker

2024epub4/21/2024 1:45:17 AMrisotor
21170934Daniel H. Magilow

Holocaust Representations in History: An Introduction (Perspectives on the Holocaust) Ed 2

2024pdf4/21/2024 1:44:05 AMrisotor
21170921Victoria Aarons

Memory Spaces: Visualizing Identity in Jewish Women's Graphic Narratives (Title Not in Series)

2024epub4/21/2024 1:43:31 AMrisotor
21170890Erik-Jan Zurcher

Three Months in Mao's China: Between the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution (Asian History)

2024pdf4/21/2024 1:41:43 AMrisotor
21170770Huib Zuidervaart

Astronomer, Cartographer and Naturalist of the New World: The Life and Scholarly Achievements of Georg Marggrafe (1610-1643) in Colonial Dutch Brazil. ... Legacy (Studies in the History of Knowledge)

2024pdf4/21/2024 1:32:01 AMrisotor
21170760Kosana Jovanovic

Secular Power and Sacral Authority in Medieval East-Central Europe (Central European Medieval Studies)

2024pdf4/21/2024 1:31:24 AMrisotor
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