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21048683  Design Patterns In Java - Beginner To Expert VIDEO2/20/2024 2:38:50 AMoblivion
210437110  Creational Design Patterns in Swift 5 VIDEO2/17/2024 10:19:06 AMoblivion
210369050 Maya ShavinLearning Vue: Core Concepts and Practical Patterns for Reusable, Composable, and Scalable User Interfaces2024rar2/11/2024 11:42:28 PMgestalt
2103003113 Ann BuddThe Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns: Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes and GaugesSeptember 1, 2004pdf2/7/2024 9:04:54 PMG0mer
21016888  NestJS Architecture & Advanced Patterns VIDEO2/2/2024 2:51:09 AMoblivion
210115396 Christian StollArt Deco Decorative Patterns in Full Color (Dover Pictorial Archive)2024epub1/29/2024 2:02:28 PMgestalt
210113491 Allen HolubHolub on Patterns: Learning Design Patterns by Looking at CodeMay 23, 2013pdf1/29/2024 11:24:54 AMG0mer
210094881 - Object Oriented Design Patterns VIDEO1/28/2024 7:19:12 PMoblivion
19113381104 Thomas N. BulkowskiEncyclopedia of Chart Patterns,3rd Edition2021-04-27pdf1/28/2024 4:19:12 AMalex21s
2100795170 Thomas N. BulkowskiEncyclopedia of Chart Patterns, 2nd Edition2005pdf1/28/2024 4:17:10 AMeternal

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