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21052476  A Roadmap to Pursue a Career in Pipeline Engineering VIDEO2/20/2024 9:19:11 AMoblivion
210467123 Mayank MalhotraUltimate Data Engineering with Databricks: Develop Scalable Data Pipelines Using Data Engineering's Core Tenets Such as Delta Tables, Ingestion, ... Security, and Scalability (English Edition)2024pdf2/19/2024 12:19:01 PMrubybook
210461031 Paul DonePractical MongoDB Aggregations: The official guide to developing optimal aggregation pipelines with MongoDB 7.02023pdf, code2/18/2024 8:28:39 PMrubybook
210392212  Mastering GitLab Building Continuous Integration Pipelines VIDEO2/12/2024 3:15:42 AMoblivion
2102967108 Huai SuAdvanced Intelligent Pipeline Management Technology2024pdf2/7/2024 4:23:18 PMalex21s
210019282 Enobong Hannah BranchPathways, Potholes, and the Persistence of Women in Science: Reconsidering the Pipeline2024epub1/25/2024 4:26:19 AMmaveriks
209946027  Foundation Patreon - 3D Concept Production Pipeline Part 2 Substance Painter Texturing with Norris Lin VIDEO1/23/2024 4:13:15 AMoblivion
209945820  Foundation Patreon - 3D Concept Production Pipeline Part 3 Blender Lighting & Scene Set-Up with Norris Lin VIDEO1/23/2024 4:12:03 AMoblivion
209942419  Mastering Jenkins - Building Continuous Integration Pipelines VIDEO1/23/2024 3:38:53 AMoblivion
209924369 Sev LeonardCost-Effective Data Pipelines: Balancing Trade-Offs When Developing Pipelines in the Cloud2024mobi1/23/2024 2:39:21 AMrisotor

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