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21231988Amy RushtonRe-Reading Tragic Africa: Development, Neoliberalism and Contemporary Fiction (New Comparisons in World Literature)2024rar6/15/2024 6:10:34 PMalex21s
212312710Serhan UnalNeoliberal Transformation of Electricity: International Political Economy of the Turkish Case2024pdf6/15/2024 7:17:25 AMrisotor
212291458Wilfred Reilly (Author), Mirron Willis (Narrator), HarperAudio (Publisher)Lies My Liberal Teacher Told Me: Debunking the False Narratives Defining Americas School Curricula [Audiobook]2024M4B@64 kbps6/13/2024 12:09:32 PMcomet
212219044George Monbiot (Author, Narrator), Peter Hutchison (Author), & 1 moreInvisible Doctrine: The Secret History of Neoliberalism [Audiobook]2024M4B@128 kbps6/6/2024 3:25:40 PMcomet
212210447Markus GabrielBeyond Neoliberalism and Neo-illiberalism: Economic Policies and Performance for Sustainable Democracy (THE NEW)2024pdf6/5/2024 5:53:24 PMgestalt
212199819Anthony GregoryNew Deal Law and Order: How the War on Crime Built the Modern Liberal State2024rar6/4/2024 8:28:19 PMalex21s
21218705Ali Jalalian DaghighNeoliberalization of English Language Policy in the Global South (Language Policy, 29)2024pdf6/4/2024 11:45:21 AMrisotor
212171319Robert Allan HillPartnership in the Gospel: Seven Exercises in Liberal Biblical Theology2024epub6/3/2024 2:23:26 AMmaveriks
212165257Jennifer CleggIntellectual Disability in a Post-Neoliberal World2024rar6/2/2024 3:47:08 PMstirkout
212137327Elena ChoquetteLand and the Liberal Project: Canada s Violent Expansion2024epub5/31/2024 1:18:05 AMmaveriks

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