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210298227 Chung-Che WuAdvanced and Applied Studies on Ultra-Trace Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in Carbonates Using SN-ICPMS and LA-ICPMS (Springer Theses)2024pdf2/7/2024 6:56:12 PMrisotor
210296380 Atul SharmaTwistor Sigma Models: Gravity, Amplitudes, and Flat Space Holography (Springer Theses)2024epub2/7/2024 4:23:48 PMalex21s
210255391 C StumerOrganic Syntheses Based on Name Reactions (Volume 22) (Tetrahedron Organic Chemistry, Volume 22) Ed 22024rar2/3/2024 10:42:33 PMtopron
210164378 Arild VelureA Digital Signal Processor for Particle Detectors: Design, Verification and Testing (Springer Theses)2024rar2/1/2024 7:23:12 PMalex21s
210163323 Lene Arnett JensenBridging Cultural and Developmental Approaches to Psychology: New Syntheses in Theory, Research, and Policy2024pdf2/1/2024 7:18:42 PMalex21s
2101534106 Akihisa MiyagawaAcoustic Levitation-Based Trace-Level Biosensing: Design of Detection Systems and Applications to Real Samples (Springer Theses)2024pdf1/31/2024 12:07:38 PMrisotor
210153364 Andrei-Constantin BraitorAdvanced Hierarchical Control and Stability Analysis of DC Microgrids (Springer Theses)2024pdf1/31/2024 12:07:15 PMrisotor
210055481 Ana Laura MullerAcceleration and Propagation of Cosmic Rays in High-Metallicity Astrophysical Environments (Springer Theses)2024pdf1/27/2024 3:06:23 PMalex21s
209989262 Yoko OyaA Few Tens au Scale Physical and Chemical Structures Around Young Low-Mass Protostars (Springer Theses)2024pdf1/24/2024 6:43:59 PMalex21s
2098326128 Leonardo ChataignierTimeless Quantum Mechanics and the Early Universe (Springer Theses)2024rar1/19/2024 3:15:47 AMeternal

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