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209925829 Katja KrauseContextualizing Premodern Philosophy2024pdf1/23/2024 1:37:17 AMrisotor
209569057 Professor Konrad EisenbichlerPremodern Masculinities in Transition (Gender in the Middle Ages, 23)2024rar1/10/2024 8:44:02 PMgestalt
2084040189 Sharon Khalifa-GuetaThe Woman and the Dragon in Premodern Art2024pdf10/21/2023 2:59:30 PMstirkout
208351059 Lucy BarnhouseHospitals in Communities of the Late Medieval Rhineland (Premodern Health, Disease, and Disability)2024pdf10/17/2023 11:22:46 AMrisotor
208255958 John WatkinsAfter Lavinia: A Literary History of Premodern Marriage Diplomacy2024pdf10/9/2023 4:23:05 AMmaveriks
207840597 Christine SchottCanon Fanfiction: Reading, Writing, and Teaching with Adaptations of Premodern and Early Modern Literature (Research in Medieval and Early Modern ... in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, 85)2024rar9/16/2023 1:18:24 AMtopron
207804221 Bohdana DivisovaMedical Case Studies (Consilia medica) of the Early Modern Period: Great Pox Documented (Premodern Health, Disease, and Disability)2024pdf9/14/2023 5:42:00 PMmaveriks
207447735 Aidan NorrieElizabeth I and the Old Testament: Biblical Analogies and Providential Rule (Gender and Power in the Premodern World)2021pdf8/23/2023 11:06:52 PMrisotor
207089599 Urvashi ChakravartyFictions of Consent: Slavery, Servitude, and Free Service in Early Modern England (RaceB4Race: Critical Race Studies of the Premodern)2021pdf8/10/2023 1:10:24 AMgestalt
206883643 Sander GovaertsArmies and Ecosystems in Premodern Europe: The Meuse Region, 1250-1850 (War and Conflict in Premodern Societies)2021pdf8/5/2023 2:07:50 AMeternal

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