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208879851 Amir MazorThe Rise and Fall of a Muslim Regiment: The Mansuriyya in the First Mamluk Sultanate, 678/1279-741/1341 (Mamluk Studies)2024pdf12/6/2023 1:03:34 AMtopron
208594322 Stephan ConermannStudies on the History and Culture of the Mamluk Sultanate (1250-1517) (Mamluk Studies)2024pdf11/20/2023 4:57:08 PMgestalt
208551952 Kristof D'hulsterBrowsing Through the Sultan's Bookshelves: Towards a Reconstruction of the Library of the Mamluk Sultan Qanisawh al-Ghawri (r. 906-922/1501-1516) (Mamluk Studies, 26)2024pdf11/17/2023 2:48:16 AMgestalt
208536874 Bethany J WalkerLiving with Nature and Things: Contributions to a New Social History of the Middle Islamic Periods (Mamluk Studies)2024pdf11/15/2023 10:16:40 PMalex21s
2084942113 Bethany J WalkerHistory and Society During the Mamluk Period (1250-1517): Studies of the Annemarie Schimmel Institute for Advanced Study III (Mamluk Studies)2024pdf10/29/2023 12:12:57 PMstirkout
208476888 Anna KollatzMamluk Descendants: In Search for the Awlad Al-Nas (Mamluk Studies, 29)2024pdf10/26/2023 7:00:15 PMalex21s
208469634 Anna KollatzA Window to the Past?: Tracing Ibn Iyas's Narrative Ways of Worldmaking (Mamluk Studies, 27)2024pdf10/26/2023 12:35:56 PMgestalt
2083890282 F BaudenThe Mamluk Sultanate and Its Periphery2024pdf10/19/2023 11:53:50 PMstirkout
205324044 Nahyan FancyScience and Religion in Mamluk Egypt: Ibn al-Nafis, Pulmonary Transit and Bodily Resurrection (Culture and Civilization in the Middle East)2021epub7/4/2023 9:15:14 AMrisotor
204739490 Jan Hinrich HagedornDomestic Slavery in Syria and Egypt, 1200-1500 (Mamluk Studies)2021pdf1/25/2023 3:55:17 PMtopron

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