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2100944166 David C. IsbyThe Luftwaffe and the War at Sea 1939-1945: As Seen by Officers of the Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe2005pdf1/28/2024 7:16:01 PMMaterialistic
2093335130 Michael Meyer, Paul StipdonkThe Luftwaffe From Training School To the Front: An Illustrated Study 1933-19451996pdf1/2/2024 9:17:14 PMMaterialistic
2089359251 Friedrich GeorgHitler's Miracle Weapons: Secret Nuclear Weapons of the Third Reich and Their Carrier Systems Volume 1: The Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine2003pdf12/9/2023 1:46:59 PMMaterialistic
2085020145 David Wadman, John BradleyAufklarer: Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Aircraft & Units 1935-19451997pdf10/31/2023 8:18:59 PMMaterialistic
2084747134 Jeffrey L. EthellBlitzkrieg in the West 1939-1942 (Luftwaffe at War 3)1997PDF10/26/2023 6:06:44 PMMaterialistic
2082568140 Carl-Frederik GeustUnder the Red Star: Luftwaffe Aircraft in the Soviet Air Force1993pdf10/9/2023 8:49:54 AMMaterialistic
2082431246 Captain Eric BrownWings of the Luftwaffe: Flying the Captured German Aircraft of World War II2010pdf10/8/2023 7:18:17 PMMaterialistic
207965478 Bill YenneHit the Target Eight Men Who Led the Eighth Air Force to Victory over the Luftwaffe [Audiobook]2016M4B@64 kbps9/21/2023 6:16:17 PMcomet
2076660158 Martin Pegg, David WadmanJagdwaffe Volume Four, Section 1: Holding the West 1941-1943 (Luftwaffe Colours)2004pdf9/5/2023 5:04:37 AMMaterialistic
2076484177 Martin Pegg, Eric Mombeek, David WadmanJagdwaffe Volume Two, Section 2: Battle of Britain Phase Two: August-September 1940 (Luftwaffe Colours)2001pdf9/4/2023 8:28:43 AMMaterialistic

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