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21058736 J. Patrick Hornbeck II IIMore than a Monologue: Sexual Diversity and the Catholic Church: Inquiry, Thought, and Expression (Catholic Practice in North America)2024pdf2/25/2024 3:12:14 AMmaveriks
210555518 Bill FersterInteractive Visualization: Insight through Inquiry2024pdf2/24/2024 5:58:39 AMtopron
210289783 Christine Reeh-PetersThe Real of Reality: The Realist Turn in Contemporary Film Theory (Value Inquiry: Philosophy of Film, 367)2024pdf2/6/2024 5:39:45 PMalex21s
21027719 Carla RisseeuwConceptualizing Friendship in Time and Place, (Value Inquiry Book Series / Social Philosophy, 297)2024pdf2/5/2024 11:38:01 PMmaveriks
2102469164 Richard SamuelsNumber Concepts: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry (Elements in the Philosophy of Mathematics)2024rar2/4/2024 3:25:39 AMmaveriks
210254970 Ricardo ParelladaPride - Sin or Virtue?: History and Phenomenology of a Janus-faced Emotion (Value Inquiry Book - Philosophy in Spain, 394)2024pdf2/3/2024 10:38:49 PMtopron
210254863 Will BarnesPolitics, Polarity, and Peace (Value Inquiry Book Series / Philosophy of Peace, 386)2024pdf2/3/2024 10:38:13 PMtopron
210254761 Carlos A. SegoviaDionysus and Apollo After Nihilism: Rethinking the Earth World Divide (Value Inquiry Book, 384)2024pdf2/3/2024 10:37:37 PMtopron
210254649 Timo KaitaroLanguage, Culture and Cognition from Descartes to Lewes (Value Inquiry Book / Cognitive Science, 375)2024pdf2/3/2024 10:36:59 PMtopron
210254561 Herman J. Saatkamp Jr.A Life of Scholarship with Santayana Essays and Reflections (Value Inquiry Book / Philosophy in Spain, 362)2024pdf2/3/2024 10:35:46 PMtopron

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