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21058389 Michael Todd LandisNorthern Men with Southern Loyalties: The Democratic Party and the Sectional Crisis2024pdf2/25/2024 2:46:30 AMmaveriks
21057903 Thomas S Poetter10 Great Curricula: Lived Conversations of Progressive, Democratic Curricula in School and Society (Hc)2024pdf2/25/2024 1:51:10 AMmaveriks
210548245 Jeffrey C. AlexanderThe Performance of Politics: Obama's Victory and the Democratic Struggle for Power2010pdf2/23/2024 7:54:41 AMtvladb77
210381710 Peter K. ManningDemocratic Policing in a Changing World2024epub2/12/2024 1:35:33 AMmaveriks
210062317 Keri DayAzusa Reimagined: A Radical Vision of Religious and Democratic Belonging (Traditions)2024epub1/27/2024 10:54:48 PMmaveriks
209882618 Ronald W. WaltersDemocratic Destiny and the District of Columbia: Federal Politics and Public Policy2024epub1/22/2024 2:21:10 AMstirkout
209725227 Michael Murphy Visiting Junior Research Fellow University of WestminsterA Post-Western Account of Critical Cosmopolitan Social Theory: Being and Acting in a Democratic World (Radical Subjects in International Politics)2024pdf1/16/2024 1:17:03 AMmaveriks
209697827 Royal G. Cravens IIIYes Gawd!: How Faith Shapes LGBT Identity and Politics in the United States (Religious Engagement in Democratic Politics)2024rar1/14/2024 6:06:21 AMstirkout
209626523 Michael FowlerDemocratic Equilibrium: The Supply and Demand of Democracy2024epub1/12/2024 12:25:51 AMmaveriks
209620540 Thomas A. BryerLithuania s Quest for Self-Determination: Municipal Responses to National Emigration (Democratic Dilemmas and Policy Responsiveness)2024rar1/11/2024 8:41:16 PMalex21s

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