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21053506  Self-Regulation In Children - Neuroscience Vs Practice VIDEO2/23/2024 3:13:53 AMoblivion
210444566 Herman Hay Ming LoMindfulness for Children, Adolescents, and Families: Integrating Research into Practice (Mindfulness in Behavioral Health)2024pdf2/18/2024 1:53:56 AMtopron
210383392 Kim DavisWhen Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Understanding the Challenging Behaviors of Young Children and Students with Disabilities (Essentials for Principals) Ed 32024epub2/12/2024 1:46:01 AMmaveriks
210378530 Donna Walker TilestonWhy Culture Counts: Teaching Children of Poverty2024epub2/12/2024 1:11:08 AMmaveriks
2103693150 Kenneth Lane OD FCOVDVisual Attention in Children: Theories and Activities2024pdf2/11/2024 11:42:04 PMgestalt
210344846 Clare Curtin PhD OTRStrategies for Collaborating With Children: Creating Partnerships in Occupational Therapy and Research2024pdf2/10/2024 3:50:16 AMstirkout
210321636 Christiane Lange-KuttnerVisual and Motor Cognition in Infants and Children: What Develops and What Stays the Same (International Texts in Developmental Psychology)2024pdf2/8/2024 4:53:52 PMalex21s
210303120 Anders HojenLanguage Assessments for Preschool Children (Elements in Research Methods for Developmental Science)2024pdf2/8/2024 1:49:40 AMmaveriks
210279156 Amy MarschallClinical Documentation with Children and Adolescents2024epub2/6/2024 12:10:18 AMmaveriks
210222810 Elzbieta Jamrz-stolarskaNavigating Children s Literature Through Controversy: Global and Transnational Perspectives (Textxet: Studies in Comparative Literature, 104)2024pdf2/3/2024 3:48:40 AMmaveriks

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