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210436160 David C. CookeBomber Planes that Made History1959pdf2/17/2024 8:16:36 AMMaterialistic
210341698 Frank BroomeDead Before Dawn: A Heavy Bomber Tail-gunner in World War II2008epub2/10/2024 3:25:46 AMeternal
210004725 Jim D. JohnstonThe Unabomber Manifesto A Brilliant Madman's Essay on Technology, Society, and the Future of Humanity [Audiobook]2021M4B@128 kbps1/25/2024 2:41:50 AMcomet
2098430164 Terry MorganBomber Aircraft of the United States1967pdf1/20/2024 10:30:48 AMMaterialistic
2098378249 Kevin WilsonMen of Air: The Courage and Sacrifice of Bomber Command in World War II2019epub1/19/2024 6:41:19 AMeternal
2098377290 Kevin WilsonBomber Boys: The RAF Offensive of 19432007epub1/19/2024 6:34:39 AMeternal
209448022 Donald L. MillerMasters of the Air America's Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany [Audiobook]2023M4B@64 kbps1/7/2024 8:06:56 PMcomet
2093658155 Martin W. BowmanThe Wellington Bomber Story2011pdf1/4/2024 7:58:39 PMMaterialistic
2092481132 Jack BruceBristol Fighter, Albatros Fighters, Nieuport Scouts, Pfalz Fighters, Sopwith Snipe, Caproni Bombers, LFG Roland2002pdf12/28/2023 5:37:04 PMMaterialistic
2092381171 Dennis R. Jenkins, Tony R. LandisValkyrie: North American's Mach 3 Superbomber2004pdf12/27/2023 8:51:06 PMMaterialistic

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