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2083097292 Kate KelleyDigital Imaging of Artefacts: Developments in Methods and Aims (Access Archaeology)2024pdf10/14/2023 2:58:04 AMstirkout
2082874129 Matthew G. KnightObjects of the Past in the Past: Investigating the Significance of Earlier Artefacts in Later Contexts (Access Archaeology)2024pdf10/11/2023 2:42:02 PMalex21s
208229321 Anne M. TeatherMining and Materiality: Neolithic Chalk Artefacts and their Depositional Contexts in Southern Britain2024pdf10/8/2023 2:16:06 AMrisotor
208042159 Mike T. CarsonRediscovering Heritage through Artefacts, Sites, and Landscapes: Translating a 3500-year Record at Ritidian, Guam (Access Archaeology)2024pdf9/25/2023 5:22:10 AMeternal
2076328100 Eve HaddowResonant Histories: Pacific artefacts and the voyages of the HMS Royalist 1890-1893 (Pacific Presences)2021pdf9/3/2023 7:36:54 AMstirkout
2057952121 Harry WelshThe Prehistoric Artefacts of Northern Ireland2021pdf7/14/2023 3:50:48 AMtopron
205435157 Larry W. HurtadoTexts and Artefacts: Selected Essays on Textual Criticism and Early Christian Manuscripts (The Library of New Testament Studies, 584)2021pdf7/7/2023 1:34:55 AMmaveriks
2049156156 Pernille BjornDiversity in Computer Science: Design Artefacts for Equity and Inclusion2021pdf6/21/2023 11:41:28 PMtopron
2035197101 no autorMaterial Theories: Locating Artefacts and People in Gottfried Semper's Writings (Routledge Research in Interior Design)2021pdf11/16/2022 7:14:40 PMtopron
2021436103 no autorThe Everyday Artefacts of World Politics (Routledge Focus)2021epub8/23/2022 4:21:03 AMgestalt

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