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208779731 Richard C. MaguireAfricans in East Anglia, 1467-1833 (Studies in Early Modern Cultural, Political and Social History, 41)2024epub11/29/2023 11:43:57 AMstirkout
208266718 Yvonne LiebermannMemory and Latency in Contemporary Anglophone Literature (Buchreihe Der Anglia / Anglia Book)2024rar10/10/2023 5:10:05 AMmaveriks
207761324 No ContributorAnecdotal Modernity: Making and Unmaking History (Buchreihe Der Anglia / Anglia) (Buchreihe Der Anglia / Anglia, 68)2021epub9/10/2023 8:29:58 PMrisotor
206955748 Peter TrudgillEast Anglian English (Dialects of English [Doe])2021rar8/7/2023 3:09:47 AMtopron
206592872 RiesPrecarious Fl nerie and the Ethics of the Self in Contemporary Anglophone Fiction (Buchreihe Der Anglia / Anglia Book Series, 76)2021pdf7/29/2023 9:26:36 PMmaveriks
206297766 Nassim Winnie BalestriniIntermediality, Life Writing, and American Studies (Buchreihe Der Anglia / Anglia)2021epub7/23/2023 12:00:09 PMalex21s
206297675 Nicole NyffeneggerWriting on Skin in the Age of Chaucer (Buchreihe Der Anglia / Anglia)2021epub7/23/2023 11:59:44 AMalex21s
206041367 de LaforcadeThe Aliens Within: Danger, Disease, and Displacement in Representations of the Racialized Poor (Buchreihe der Anglia / ANGLIA Book Series, 80)2021pdf7/18/2023 5:42:17 AMalex21s
205664650 MathiesonThe Public Mind and the Politics of Postmillennial U.S.-American Writing (Buchreihe der Anglia/ANGLIA Book Series, 79)2021epub7/10/2023 8:26:36 PMmaveriks
205638476 KerlerBritish Romanticism and the Archive: Loss, Archives and Spectrality (Buchreihe Der Anglia / Anglia Book)2021epub7/10/2023 7:37:20 AMrisotor

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